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Sabemos tu secreto…

Si ya tomaste todos los cursos pero aún no disfrutas cuando usas tu inglés en tu vida profesional

Seguramente es porque no te dijeron que el inglés no se aprende, se apropia

Para que te sirve el inglés si no es…

Si no te sientes como líder cuando hablas en inglés

Jaqueline GutierrezJaqueline Gutierrez
00:44 02 Oct 23
Truly the best place to develop the language, aimed at your particular needs, where you really realize where you need to improve and notice the progress.The best place for language development, targeted to your particular needs, you really notice the progress.
Luis CalderónLuis Calderón
23:49 28 Sep 23
Excellent work method, I recommend it 100%. Professional and specific attention to the needs of each student.
Marcos Sanchez JimenezMarcos Sanchez Jimenez
00:28 14 Mar 23
Very good teacher, focused and with a lot of knowledge in terms of language learning, I highly recommend them.
Cesar VillanuevaCesar Villanueva
15:12 09 Oct 20
Excellent school to learn English, if you are looking to get certified (Ielts, Toefl, Cambridge) it is an excellent option since they have very good teaching methods, schedules, and above all quite qualified teachers. Thanks to English Coaching I will be able to fulfill my goal of studying in Australia.
E Francisco C.E Francisco C.
20:07 23 Jun 20
WOOOW!!! NOW WITH THE NEW ONLINE COURSES!!!! EXCELLENT!!!! THE BEST!! Excellent English school. They deliver what they promise. I studied there for a year. I am abroad and they congratulate me for my ease of speaking and communicating, I had never left the country before, and native speakers do not believe me. It is a school that does not seek to have students for the sake of having students, it seeks to have students who achieve their goals of speaking and communicating in English. You can get certified in this school for jobs abroad!! 100% recommended, as its name says, it is Coaching and personalized!!
Patricia UgaldePatricia Ugalde
04:40 10 Mar 18
The best way to learn English, excellent method and a great environment!!!!
16:01 06 Mar 18
Great institute with professional teachers

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Consultoría en Aprendizaje del Inglés

InTake es una oficina de consultoría que ofrece servicios de aprendizaje del inglés. Asesoramos a particulares en el alcance de sus metas profesionales referidas al dominio del inglés y apoyamos a las empresas en los trámites de capacitación y certificación.


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