Detail Questions

Detail Questions

Necessary Skills

  • Taking note of major points and important details of a lecture or conversation
  • Listening for signal expressions that identify details, such as the following:

for example, the reason is, on the other hand, I would say

  • Eliminating incorrect answer choices
  • Identifying a statement that is not mentioned

Example Questions

  • According to the lecture, what is__________
  • According to the lecture, which of the following is true?
  • What does the speaker say about__________
  • What connection does the speaker make between__________and_____________
  • What does the professor suggest the student do?
  • Which of the following is true of__________
    • What advice does the professor give to the student about________
    • According to the discussion, how did__________
    • According to the speaker, why do__________
    • According to the conversation, why must the student__________
    • According to the speaker,’who were__________
    • According to the lecture, what kinds of ? Choose 2 answers.


    • Since answers to questions are generally found in order in the passage, it is helpful to take notes in the order of what you hear.
    • Detail questions do not require inference. Choose what speakers actually say.
    • In a lecture, detail questions are about information related to the following: new facts, descriptions, definitions of terms/concepts/ideas, reasons, results, and example.
    • Incorrect choices may repeat some of the speakers’ words but do not reflect correct information from the lecture or conversation.