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Do you seek to master the art of sounding like a native speaker, or is your primary objective to ensure that your leadership resonates on a global scale?








In a common scenario, many of us have received instructions without sincere dedication from teachers, leaving us without guidance to achieve our goals.

We’ve been told that flowing in English implies:

  • Studying more
  • Building an endless vocabulary
  • Thinking in English
  • Speaking in English 
  • Drilling
  • Reading 
  • Telling stories
  • Writing extensively
  • Practicing with strangers!

We were never instructed on how to make all of this happen, yet we strived to achieve it, and still, we don’t flow as smoothly as we’d like to… Does this resonate with you?

If you’ve ever thought that your English…

  • makes you sound less inteligent
  • needs to be assessed by someone else
  • should sound more professional
  • is not enough to study or leave abroad

Welcome to a latino biligual community where we have all felt that way!







to remain the same person in both, English and Spanish

  • Trust your English
  • Embrace your identity
  • Convey your thoughts 
  • Structure your ideas
  • Speak confidently on various topics 
  • Arrange the wardrobe
  • Display your language skills
  • Sync your pronunciation

Appropriate support

  • English learning consultancy
  • Guidance for studies abroad
  • Access to over 50 tests to monitor your proficiency level
  • Digital library with all recommended and utilized materials
  • Micro-conferences on the platform
  • Use the Grammar Gym
  • All in-person and online activities included

In this program, you’ll discover the reassurance that…

Bilingualism is integral to your uniqueness, just as English is intrinsic to your essence,

You are your bilingualism, you are your profession, you are your Mexican identity, and you are your accent,

Your anxiety is a part of you, and so is your perfectionism,

You are your English, you are your Spanish, and your transnational leadership is also you.











In this Workshop you’ll 

Improve Your Communication Strategies

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Professional Vocabulary

Enhance your vocabulary.

Professional Structures

Enhance your structure

Professional pronunciation

Enhance your pronunciation


Register for our free workshop Today!

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If you’ve already committed to studying abroad and are the same essence in both English and Spanish, you also have opportunities for personal growth with InTake.


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